Collection: Pachi Kundan

Pachi Kundan Jewellery is a prime example of Indian jewellery and craft heritage that has been revived in the recent times, albeit with slight changes. This craft owes its origins to Gujarat and Kutch, and it has now acquired a vogue status owing to its exquisite appeal.

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What is Pachi Kundan?

Pachi Kundan is a type of Indian jewelry that is made by setting uncut diamonds or glass stones in a gold or silver frame, followed by filling the gaps with colored glass or enamel. The term "Pachi" refers to the process of creating the jewelry, which involves a combination of stone setting and enameling.

Difference between Polki and Kundan

Real Gold Polki jewelry is made from unfinished real diamonds, while Kundan jewelry which is made with real gold is made from glass.

Polki diamonds are usually mined from the earth and are in their raw form, while Kundan stones are created by melting glass and setting them in a metal frame.