Ambar Jewels to collaborations Terms & Conditions

Ambar Jewels Collaboration works on the terms of 1-2 sets being borrowed for a short amount of time (Agreed Time frame of a week), for a Dedicated Post & Story on your IG.

We will in return also be posting the content you have created on our growing IG account @AmbarJewels_ .

Please note that the items are being sent to you in trust and we expect the items provided to come back to us in perfect condition.


  1. Its important to note that our collaborations are NOT  treated as a “Giveaway” or “Contest” and we expect our items to be returned to us after a short period of time.

  2. Items should be returned to us in perfect condition. Any damage will be charged to you at 100% of the Price.

  3. 100% deposit of the item cost is also to be initially transferred to Ambar Jewels at agreement.

  4. 100 % Deposit will be refunded once Ambar Jewels receives the items back.

     Dedicated Post

    1. “Ambar Jewels” are happy to participate in Collaborations in return that we have dedicated post from the Influencer/Promoter.

    2. What we mean by “Dedicated Post”: Our brand clearly tagged on the actual Instagram Feed/Story itself, in addition to the caption to go along with the Post.

    3. Influencer/Promoter is granting Ambar Jewels the unrestricted, irrevocable, and worldwide permission to use and publish the Photographs, in whole or in part, with or without alterations/edits, for any legal purpose, public or private, commercial or otherwise.  

    Sending/Receiving Ambar Jewels Products for Collaborations

    Option 1 (Pick up/Drop Off):

    1. Preferred Receival of Ambar Jewels products for Collaborations is for Influencer/Promoter to pick up the items in hand at our Slough Location.

    2. Returning the item the same policy applies.

    Option 2 (On-Set):

    1. “Ambar Jewels” can also participate if preferred to be on set for Photo-shoots/Music Videos (dependent on availability).

    Option 3 (Postage):

    1. Cost of Posting item to Influencers/Promoters will be covered by Ambar Jewels

    2. In return Cost of Posting item back must be covered by the Receiver Influencer/Promoter.

    3. Posting item back to Ambar Jewels should be 2nd Class Recorded/Signed for Delivery. (Approx. £4 - or internationally tracked equivalent) 

    To Proceed

    If you would like to proceed, please email us at or reach out to us on IG: @AmbarJewels_

    Let us know that you want to collaborate and provide us more information around your account.